Andy Bear Childcare Facility

Andy Bear childcare Facility

Andy Bear childcare facility is located on almost two acres of beautiful wooded land with a private soccer field, in west Coral Springs, Florida. We recently purchased the property, renovated it, and added brand new equipment. In addition, we added an entirely new playground with a safe, child friendly surface. Andy Bear Early Learning CenterĀ is equipped with UV Light air purification. Therefore, this helps prevent mold, mildew, bacteria and germs. Moreover, we are continuously enhancing our security system with state of the art technology.

Soccer Field Now Open!

Soccer Field


Closed Circuit TV Monitoring

So we can see everything that's happening and record it


Live Monitoring

So parents can see kids in the classroom from anywhere


Security System for Single Entry

The only people that come in have to be fingerprinted for entry


Phones with One-Press Emergency Buttons

In case of an emergency, we get the call out as quickly as possible


Monthly Fire Drills

So in the unfortunate event of a fire, everyone knows what to do in the event of a fire to prevent any injuries


SMART Board Interactive Technology

To help your children get more out of their education


Bus Transportation

We can take your child to school at the appropriate time and also pick them up from school


Strong Concrete Building Structure

Our facility is strong and safe for your children


Full-Time Housekeeping Staff

To ensure that children are in a healthy, clean and well-maintained environment

COVID-19 Informations

We recently re-opened and we have spots available. Contact us from the website, or call us at (954)344-2151 to schedule a tour (after our closing time). Each classroom has its own AC unit, with UV light and Merv 13 filters. Air is not shared! We follow all the guideline from the CDC and even more - Only children and staff are allowed inside. - Staff are wearing masks and a face shields. - When you arrive, someone will come out and get the children inside. A bathroom in the entrance is dedicated to the children. They will wash their hand and their temperature will be taken before entering the classrooms area.