COVID-19 Informations


Reopening Procedures

We will be open between 6:30AM and 6:30PM.
The facility will be cleaned and sanitized by the company every day and also before the reopening.
During the day, extra staff will constantly sanitize.

We removed from all classroom:

  • carpets that cannot be daily sanitized
  • plush and stuffed toys
  • hard to clean toys

Each classroom has its own A/C unit, with UV lights and MERV 13 filters. Air is not shared!

Nobody will be allowed inside the facility. Even your PIN will not work at the front door.
Parents are not allowed to enter Andy Bear facility. You will find a teacher in the front who will handle your child in the morning and the afternoon.
We will ask you to keep the social distance in the line.
If you need to sign something (VPK and School Readiness), bring your own pen, the teacher will bring you the document.

Teachers will use gloves as much as possible and they will wear a mask and a face shield.

We have two bathrooms in the hall. The first one will be dedicated to the children so they can wash their hands before and after. The other bathroom will be for the staff.

Teachers and children will wash their hands as much as needed.
In the infants room, teacher will wear shoe protection. In the toddlers room, child will wear shoes that will stay at Andy Bear. (like we do already for the infants)

Groups of children will stay with the same teachers during the day and they will not be mixed.
The CDC guidelines also set a limit of ten persons in each classroom, including the teachers.

We will take the temperature of each child when they arrive at school. Then we will take their temperature every two hours and log it. Every adult in the facility will also be monitored.


  • Every staff member will wear a mask and face shield.
  • We will have small groups of each age. (max 9)
  • The teachers will follow all the CDC guidelines.
  • The teacher will give the toys individually and will pay attention that children will not share them. After being used, the teacher will be put all toys in a tub to be sanitized by another staff member.
  • All the bathrooms will be sanitized after each child.


  • Please, do not bring any teddy bear or pacifier.
  • We will ask you to wash the blanket and sheet every two days.
  • Changing clothes and blanket/sheet must be packed in two different plastic bags.

On the playground:

  • Surfaces touched by hands will be wiped down after each group.
  • If you prefer to keep your child inside just let the front know by email.

For a safer environment, therapists, sport and dance coaches will not be allowed. Food and any delivery will be handled outside. Except emergencies, nobody will be allowed inside.
At lunch time and snack time the teacher in charge will wear the usual hair net, gloves and we add a mask and face shield.

If unfortunately, one of them is over 100.3F we will take him/her out of the classroom.

  • We will call the parents to come to pick him/her up in 30 minutes maximum.
  • We will sanitize the whole classroom.
  • The child can come back to school 24 hours after the temperature is back to normal, as usual, but given the circumstances a doctor note will be mandatory. Please ask the doctor to note that your child can come back to the daycare. Please respect that, it is to keep all children and staff safe. The parents can send the doctor note by email.

COVID-19 Informations

We recently re-opened and we have spots available. Contact us from the website, or call us at (954)344-2151 to schedule a tour (after our closing time). Each classroom has its own AC unit, with UV light and Merv 13 filters. Air is not shared! We follow all the guideline from the CDC and even more - Only children and staff are allowed inside. - Staff are wearing masks and a face shields. - When you arrive, someone will come out and get the children inside. A bathroom in the entrance is dedicated to the children. They will wash their hand and their temperature will be taken before entering the classrooms area.