Daycare for 3 Year Olds in Coral Springs

Andy Bear ELC daycare for 3 year olds in Coral Springs


STEM ( Science, Technology, Engineering and Math)

The children will be learning about nature, the environment, the human body, how these factors work, along with doing age appropriate experiments.

Our daycare for 3 year olds in Coral Springs is structured to enhance each child’s self-esteem and individual development. Furthermore, the teachers place an emphasis on learning to share, respect others, and to further develop language skills. We structure activities around science, reading, arts, math, music, crafts, movement, stories and games.

Our teachers use the children’s interests to engage them in a wide variety of lessons and activities. The Explorer curriculum is closely aligned with the 4 year old Pre-K program. As a result, children have the opportunity to prepare for VPK and get ahead of the game. We focus on skills such as, handwriting, math, reading, science, graphing, self-awareness, self-help, and geography. Like our other programs, the Explorers participate in the 6-week long theme of “Around the World.” This theme introduces students to 6 different countries and cultures. The Explorers program also leaves space for technology use in the classroom. For this reason, the students use the ABC Mouse program on iPads.  With this, they can take part in lessons and activities that are aligned with their in-class lessons. In addition, children also use the SmartBoard technology to enhance their classroom lessons and attend virtual field trips.

3 Year Old Curriculum Goal Areas:

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math)
ABC Mouse

COVID-19 Informations

We recently re-opened and we have spots available. Contact us from the website, or call us at (954)344-2151 to schedule a tour (after our closing time). Each classroom has its own AC unit, with UV light and Merv 13 filters. Air is not shared! We follow all the guideline from the CDC and even more - Only children and staff are allowed inside. - Staff are wearing masks and a face shields. - When you arrive, someone will come out and get the children inside. A bathroom in the entrance is dedicated to the children. They will wash their hand and their temperature will be taken before entering the classrooms area.