I highly recommend this daycare! I had a child in the infant room for ~4 months. He was well cared for by very tenured infant staff. One of his caregivers has been there for 16 years. The infant room staff is wonderful and caring. They take pride in their duties to care for the children. I witnessed over and over their diligence in cleaning and using every precaution to keep the children healthy and happy. On more than one occasion, I walked in unexpectedly to find one of the teachers singing and dancing to entertain the children. You will be hard pressed to find a daycare that reports the level of detail about your child's activities during the day. You will know when they eat, sleep, poop, and wet their diaper down to the minute. They use up-to-date technology to log the activities that can be accessed straight from you mobile device or computer in addition to having a live stream camera in every classroom. I could look in to see my little one anytime. The security of checking in and out is fingerprint or PIN driven ensuring that only the caregiver can remove the child from the facility. The facility is clean and has proper disinfecting procedures and preventative controls in place to minimize spread of illness and germs. The fact that the director is a former nurse and very familiar with hospital sanitation procedures is a BONUS for this facility. You don't need an education degree to understand the needs of children. I think I remember hearing the owner, the director's husband, has an education background however. Being in the science and public health field, I will take an intelligent nurse with hospital experience any day!! Everything from check-in to check-out is very well organized.

Also, when my child was moved from the daycare (I didn't have any choice due to outside circumstances) his caregivers cried when they said good-bye to him. They truly loved him and it showed in their daily care.

Jamie H,

COVID-19 Informations

We recently re-opened and we have spots available. Contact us from the website, or call us at (954)344-2151 to schedule a tour (after our closing time). Each classroom has its own AC unit, with UV light and Merv 13 filters. Air is not shared! We follow all the guideline from the CDC and even more - Only children and staff are allowed inside. - Staff are wearing masks and a face shields. - When you arrive, someone will come out and get the children inside. A bathroom in the entrance is dedicated to the children. They will wash their hand and their temperature will be taken before entering the classrooms area.