We started with Andy Bear shortly after they acquired the facility. The twins were 2 months old and it was very difficult for both my son (who found himself as a single dad) and myself as their grandmother to leave them...they were so little! The Director, office staff and all of the teachers quickly put us at ease and the twins have grown and adapted very well. We are never faced with the twins crying or throwing fits when we drop them off...they are happy to be there and we don't spend the day worrying if they are ok or well taken care of.

The Director and office staff go above and beyond in helping with the twins...even helping us getting them in and out of the car seats, which in itself is a challenge for one person.

It amazes me that the Director and every teacher, and even most of the other children in all the different classrooms, know the names of the twins as they now walk down the hall waving as they go like little royalties!

We cannot say enough good things about the Director, staff, teachers and facility itself. We would highly recommend Andy Bear to anyone who is looking to place their children in a quality facility.

Linda Tarbox,