My daughter attends Andy Bear and we LOVE it along with the service that we receive. The staff is amazing and they treat her as if she is one of their own. Her teachers are even helping us with potty training. She has learned so much from her alphabet to her numbers and she is not even two years old yet. Marcia is an AMAZING director and she truly has a passion for children. We LOVE that we are able to access the cameras and watch our daughter free of charge. I have to literally carry my daughter out in the evenings because she doesn't want to leave. This is truly an amazing school and we couldn't possibly be any happier. Andy Bear is by far one of the cleanest schools that I have every been to.

Kimberly Wilcox,

COVID-19 Informations

We recently re-opened and we have spots available. Contact us from the website, or call us at (954)344-2151 to schedule a tour (after our closing time). Each classroom has its own AC unit, with UV light and Merv 13 filters. Air is not shared! We follow all the guideline from the CDC and even more - Only children and staff are allowed inside. - Staff are wearing masks and a face shields. - When you arrive, someone will come out and get the children inside. A bathroom in the entrance is dedicated to the children. They will wash their hand and their temperature will be taken before entering the classrooms area.