Toddler Daycare in Coral Springs


Our toddler daycare in Coral Springs, Florida (one-year-old program) is designed to prepare a child for their first steps of independence, development and routines. Our program provides daily plans that allow many opportunities for toddlers to make free choices with a caring professional nearby providing awareness of colors, sounds, textures, and feelings. Our teachers fill their day with musical and creative movement activities that encourage sensory and motor skills exploration.

Our toddlers are beginning their journey into independence. We assist them with learning to eat at a table, drink from a straw and sippy cup, using utensils to eat, and potty training for those children who are ready. They also participate in enrichment programs of Sign Language and Spanish twice a week. The toddler curriculum consists of goals in the areas of phonics, numbers, colors, and shapes. By doing activities in these areas we are preparing them for the two year old program. At the end of the year we complete a 6 week long theme of “Around the World,” exposing all of the children to 6 different countries and cultures.

Toddler Curriculum Goal Areas: